Keepers of Bounds

von: Natal'ya Shevtsova

Strelbytskyy Multimedia Publishing, 2018

ISBN: 9783965443051 , 264 Seiten

Format: ePUB

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Keepers of Bounds


Who is he - the greatest lucky in the universe, or cursed by the gods? And who she is - the biggest catastrophe for the universe, or the key to salvation. He was forced to take care of her, because she was important and because she was the daughter of a friend to whom he owed a great deal. And she has nowhere to go - because she has nowhere to go. Between them is a gulf of three thousand years, between them his dead wife, between them eleven deaths. Neither she nor he is seeking love. He because damned. She is because she is not capable of love. However, both want to save this world. She is ready to give every drop of her unusual blood. He is ready to sacrifice immortality. Slowly, step by step, they will build understanding together, then they will learn to trust each other and friendship will be born. Perhaps the day will come when they will be ready for each other, without thinking, to give their lives, but will the day come when they will open their hearts to each other? Probably yes. Probably no.